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The GIPA Act

Barangaroo Contracts

Consultancy Agreements

Crown Development Agreement

The GIPA Act identifies three classes of contracts.

  • Class 1 contracts are those that have, or are likely to have, a value of $150,000.
  • Class 2 contracts are class 1 contracts where:
    • there has not been a public tender process and the terms and conditions of the contract have been negotiated directly with the contractor; or
    • the contract was the subject of a tender (whether public or not) but the terms and conditions have been substantially negotiated with the contractor;
    • the obligations of one or more parties to maintain or operate infrastructure or assets;
    • could continue for 10 years or more, and the contract involves a privately financed project (as defined by Treasury) or the exchange of significant assets.

Class 3 contracts are class 2 contracts with or likely to have a value of more than $5 million. The Authority must publish a copy of a class 3 contract on the register of government contracts.

The detail required to be reported varies with each Class of contract. A copy of Class 3 contracts must be made available with the Register. For full details of the requirements refer to Division 5 of the GIPA Act.
Some confidential information is not required to be included in the Contracts Register, as set out under section 32 of the GIPA Act, some types of contract information, or all or part of a contract, are not required to be included in the Authority's Contracts Register.

Information on contracts the Authority has entered into, valued over $150,000, are published on the Government eTendering website.

The Government eTendering website also provides details of current tender opportunities.
The Authority has published a range of documents, which can be found by clicking the links below:


Barangaroo Contracts

Barangaroo Reserve Project Management Agreement

Barangaroo Reserve Main Works Contract

Barangaroo Reserve Early Works Contract

Project Development Agreement with Lend Lease and supplementary financial information disclosure

Barangaroo Temporary Cruise Terminal Project Management Agreement

Sublease of Suite 2101, Level 21, 201 Kent Street Sydney

Stage 1A Public Domain Operation & Access Licence

Car Park Operations Agreement, Barangaroo Reserve

Consultancy Agreements

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP

Anderson Hunter Horne

Webb Australia Group (NSW) Pty Ltd contract particulars

Philip Chun & Associates Pty Ltd contract particulars

Emery Studio Pty Ltd contract particulars

Johnson Pilton Walker Pty Ltd contract particulars

Peter Walker and Partners Landscape Architecture Incorporated contract particulars

Robert Bird Group Pty Ltd contract particulars

Warren Smith & Partners Pty Ltd contract particulars

APP Corporation Pty Ltd contract particulars

Hyder Consulting Pty Ltd contract particulars

Ryall Environmental Pty Limited contract particulars

Altus Group Cost Management Pty Ltd contract particulars

WT Partnership Aust Pty Ltd as trustee for the WT Partnership Unit Trust contract particulars

WSP Lincolne Scott contract particulars

KMH Environmental Pty Ltd

Green Leisure Group Pty Ltd (trading as Andreasens Green Wholesale Nurseries)

JBS Environmental Pty Ltd

Douglas Partners Pty Ltd

AEA Consulting, LLC

WT Partnership Aust Pty Ltd contract particulars (remediation quantity surveying)

Clayton Utz

Lander & Rogers

Corrs Chambers Westgarth

Holding Redlich

Auspicious Arts Projects Inc