Central Barangaroo

Sitting between the Barangaroo Reserve and Barangaroo South, Central Barangaroo (5.2 hectares) will be the public heart of Barangaroo. The development will combine civic and cultural attractions with recreational, residential, retail and commercial uses as well as a harbour front public domain to deliver an exciting and unique range of public and cultural activities stimulating all those who experience it.

Vision for Central Barangaroo

Central Barangaroo will be an exemplar of urban life.  It will complete the sweep of experiences along the Sydney CBD western waterfront from the natural beauty of Barangaroo Reserve in the north, to the new financial, retail and residential hub of Barangaroo South.

Central Barangaroo will be a place to live, work, and play, recognised globally, and a place for shared, memorable experiences. A dynamic and vital place on the shores of one of the world's greatest harbours, it will combine community, civic and cultural spaces and attractions with residential, retail, and commercial uses.

It will extend the principles and networks of the Barangaroo precinct’s climate positive promise in line with current world's best practice to deliver a whole-of-Barangaroo outcome and create projects that respond visibly to sustainable needs of people and the planet.

It will engage with Sydney Harbour to attract visitors from around the globe. It will dare to be bold.

Sydney Metro update

In June 2015, the NSW Government announced that a new underground railway station at Barangaroo will be part of the plans for the new Sydney Metro – Australia’s biggest public transport project. The new station, expected to be located at Central Barangaroo, will be factored into the Sydney Metro business case, community and industry consultation and the planning process for the project.

Key Facts

-          Last remaining piece of Barangaroo to be defined

-          5.2 hectares site, consisting of 3 hectares of waterfront public domain and 2.2 hectares of development

-          Location of the Barangaroo Sydney Metro Station

-          Includes the Sydney Steps, an iconic civic element linking Millers point to the harbour

-          Development expected to commence mid-2017, with staged development through to 2024

Bid submission for the Central Barangaroo tender has now closed. The process of evaluation is ongoing. Development information may be found here.