Barangaroo is a great opportunity to showcase Sydney as a world leader in sustainability.  Sustainable designs and initiatives are being created throughout the delivery of the program -  environmentally, socially and economically.

Barangaroo's goal is to be the first precinct of its size in the world and certainly the first CBD precinct in Australia, to be climate positive.

Solar Panels

We strive to be carbon neutral, water positive, generate zero waste and enhance the wellbeing of the community.

We will provide affordable housing for key workers as well as green skilling and local employment opportunities. Just over 50 percent of Barangaroo will be dedicated public space, including a 2.2 kilometre foreshore walk and the vibrant, naturalistic Barangaroo Reserve.

To achieve these goals, Barangaroo infrastructure will be developed and implemented by the Authority and the site's developers across the whole district.  This will include:

  • A chilled water and harbour cooling system, recycled water service and waste recycling service
  • Generating new solar renewable energy on site which will be enough to service the public areas
  • Generating new renewable energy off site - including a solar farm in regional NSW, big enough to generate the amount of electricity required to power approximately 5,000 homes
  • Providing recycled water from Barangaroo to CBD
  • Creating green travel options: strong public transport links, only 4 percent car use on site, walking and cycling networks through the precinct, electric car power stations in car parks
  • Providing free precinct wide WiFi

Electric CarExternal agencies, contractors and organisations at the site will be required to manage their activities with a view to achieving these sustainability goals.  This will include:

  • Manufacturing soil on-site from sandstone and recycled waste
  • Reducing waste going into landfill by 97%, by sorting and separating waste and recycling or reusing as appropriate during the construction phase
  • Requiring tenants to have their air-conditioning just 2 degrees warmer in summer and 2 degrees cooler in winter to save energy
  • Planting 100% native plants in Barangaroo Reserve - 90% of which will be common species
  • Using recycled water for flushing toilets through to irrigation and fire sprinklers
  • Ensuring 20% of construction work be given to apprentices or trainees
  • Ensuring retailers and suppliers avoid packaging, reduce waste and offer healthy food choices from locally and sustainably produced food
  • Including affordable retail and office space to encourage new enterprises
  • Providing and promoting access to and facilities for walking, cycling and passive and active recreation through design for active living and healthy lifestyles

Barangaroo is working with sustainability leaders from around the world to help us reach our goals.