Once complete, more than 24,000 people are expected to live and work at Barangaroo, and another 33,000 people will visit every day. The objective is for over 90% of visitors to access Barangaroo by public transport, cycling or walking. To accommodate this objective, a number of transport infrastructure initiatives and a detailed transport plan are currently being undertaken.

Accessing Barangaroo

There are a number of new transport infrastructure initiatives being delivered to manage the increase of visitors to the Barangaroo precinct. These projects include a new pedestrian connection from Wynyard Station named Wynyard Walk that will provide commuters and visitors with a direct route to Barangaroo and the waterfront of Darling Harbour.

A new ferry hub is also being built at Barangaroo South that will include a significant increase in services as well as new bus routes to Barangaroo and cycle ways to the precinct.

Walking to Barangaroo will never have been easier, with a wide range of access options including the Sydney steps that will link Millers Point at High Street with the waterfront promenade of Barangaroo.

Barangaroo Integrated Transport Plan

The Barangaroo Integrated Transport Plan was released on 30 August 2012, which outlines a range of transport actions for the first occupancy in Barangaroo in 2015.  A Taskforce, led by Transport for NSW, developed the plan.  Members of the Taskforce included the Director General of Transport for NSW and representatives from the Department of Planning and Infrastructure, Department of Premier and Cabinet, Infrastructure New South Wales, the Barangaroo Delivery Authority, City of Sydney and Lend Lease.

Click on the image below to download a copy of the report.

Transport Plan Cover

The Barangaroo Integrated Transport Plan addresses a range of transport modes and recommends actions in the areas of walking, cycling, traffic and taxi access, Wynyard Bus Interchange, ferry services, light rail and bus services, Wynyard Station upgrades, rail capacity and a Transport Square Interchange on the western foreshore of the CBD.

The Plan intends to satisfy the first occupancy of Barangaroo, as well as longer term initiatives taking into account the ongoing growth across the Northern CBD.

The Plan recommends that short term initiatives and detailed planning for longer term initiatives should commence immediately.