Barangaroo and the C40

Barangaroo is one of only 19 global destinations to be chosen as part of the C40 Climate Positive Development Program.



Sustainability is a key element in the design and development of Barangaroo. It is at the heart of every decision as Barangaroo's development teams work towards the goal of being Australia’s first climate positive precinct of its size. 

Barangaroo is one of only 19 places worldwide, chosen to be part of the C40 Cities Climate Positive Development Program. C40 is a network of the world’s megacities committed to addressing climate change. Barangaroo's sustainability commitment aims to:

  • be carbon neutral
  • be water positive
  • create zero waste
  • incorporate community wellbeing.

 You can read more about sustainability in action at Barangaroo here.

C40 Cities Climate Positive Development Program
The C40 Cities is a network of global cities committed to addressing climate change through urban renewal. The C40 Cities Climate Positive Development Program was launched in 2009 to demonstrate how large-scale urban communities can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and serve as models for sustainable and climate-sensitive growth.

Created and led by cities, C40 is focused on tackling climate change and driving urban action that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and climate risks, while increasing the health, wellbeing and economic opportunities of urban citizens.

C40 supports cities to collaborate effectively, share knowledge and drive meaningful, measurable and sustainable action on climate change. Some of the other C40 cities include Sao Paulo, London, Jaipur and Toronto.

Barangaroo is one of 19 key projects to have been engaged in the C40's Climate Positive Development Program. The Barangaroo Delivery Authority, which manages the development project and public spaces on behalf of the NSW Government, is committed to the delivery of a carbon neutral precinct. This means all emissions from energy consumption, water use, waste generation and other on-site emissions sources are accounted for and offset to zero.

To facilitate the outcomes identified in the C40 commitment, the Authority has included robust contractual mechanisms in all Project Development Agreements. The Authority is working collaboratively with developers to ensure sustainability targets are implemented and achieved, both during construction and throughout operations over all 99-year building leases.

Aerial view of a tower building with a rooftop solar array


Maritime history

The history of Barangaroo has many rich threads woven from Sydney's maritime history, the first container port and the dark days of the Hungry Mile.

Millers Point Gasworks

The old Millers Point Gasworks lit the way for the growth of the former British colony into the nation Australia is today.