2-25 Feb 2018

Over twelve spectacular sunsets this February, Sunset20°N celebrates music, food and culture in Sydney’s spectacular Barangaroo Reserve.

Over twelve spectacular sunsets this February, Sunset20°N celebrates music, food and culture in Sydney’s spectacular Barangaroo Reserve. Sunset20°N is Sydney’s newest location to enjoy live music, located in breathtaking Gadigal Country.

Independent and strong, Sunset20°N takes inspiration from the site’s namesake, Barangaroo, a strong woman and leader of the Cammeraygal people of Sydney. Experience a diverse, contemporary music line-up from around Australia. In order of appearance, the line-up includes Sampa the Great, Wallace, GL, Caiti Baker, Thandi Phoenix, Pirra, Mama Kin Spender and the Inner West Voices, Tesse, Tigertown, Tia Gostelow, Thelma Plum, HANDSOMEOkenyo, Saskwatch and Emily Wurramara – and it’s all free!

Sunset20°N is also a delicious food series, with each weekend showcasing a different female guest chef. Curated by Claire Van Vuuren (Bloodwood, Popla), the changing menus will be designed by Jane Strode (Fred’s, Sydney), Analiese Gregory (Franklin, Hobart) and Thi Le (Anchovy, Melbourne). The drinks list will feature mostly female winemakers and producers, ranging from native inspired cocktails to award winning wines and beers.

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About Sunset20°N

Sunset20°N has been crafted by the Barangaroo Delivery Authority, in collaboration with Yuwaalaraay artist and designer Lucy Simpson of Gaawaa Miyay, drawing inspiration from the setting of the sun and stories of people and place which lie embedded in this site. Families will love exploring the Grandmother Tree, a large-scale site-specific interactive artwork created by Lucy Simpson and Archrival, a not-for-profit architecture organisation. The Grandmother Tree is a meeting place for visitors to Sunset20°N, inspired by Cammeraygal story and the beautiful angophora (Sydney Red Gum), creating an unforgettable experience which plays with light, colour and movement, casting a dramatic filter across the harbour to views of the iconic Sydney skyline.


Weekend 1

Friday, 2 Feb

5.00–7.30PM: DJ Shantan Wantan Ichiban
7.30–8.30PM: Sampa the Great
8.30–10PM: DJ Shantan Wantan Ichiban

Saturday, 3 February                                                     

3.005.00PM: DJ FlexMami (FBi Radio)                                           
2.304.30PM: Aboriginal Weaving Workshop                                  
5.006.00PM: Wallace               
6.008.00PM: DJ Natalia (FBi Radio)                                 
8.009.00PM: GL                          
9.0010.00PM: GL DJ set

Sunday, 4 February 2-10PM

2.303.30PM: Cooking Demonstration with Claire Van Vuuren: Learn how to shuck oysters and cure fish
4.005.00PM: Caiti Baker
5.008.00PM: DJ Levins

Food by Bloodwood and guest chef Claire Van Vuuren (Bloodwood,Sydney and Popla, Bellingen) all weekend.

Weekend 2

Friday, 9 February

5.007.30PM: DJ Ebony Boadu
7.308.30PM: Thandi Phoenix
8.3010.00PM: DJ Ebony Boadu

Saturday, 10 Feb

2.304.30PM: Aboriginal Language Workshop
5.006.00PM: Pirra
6.008.00PM: DJ Gonzo
8.009.00PM: Mama Kin Spender + Inner West Voices
9.0010.00PM: DJ Gonzo

Sunday, 11 Feb

2.303.30PM: Cooking Demonstration with Jane Strode: Introducing native ingredients to traditional pastry making techniques 
4.005.00PM: Tesse
5.008.00PM: DJ Levins

Food by Bloodwood and guest chef Jane Strode (Fred’s, Sydney) all weekend.

Weekend 3

Friday, 16 Feb

5.007.30PM: Purple Sneakers DJs
7.308.30PM: Tigertown
8.3010.00PM: Purple Sneakers DJs

Saturday, 17 Feb

2.304.30PM: Aboriginal Music Workshop
5.006.00PM: Tia Gostelow
6.008.00PM: DJ Dusty Fingers
8.009.00PM: Thelma Plum

Sunday, 18 Feb

2.303.30PM: Cooking Demonstration with Thi Le: Learn to stir fry yabbies with native mountain pepper
4.005.00PM: HANDSOME
5.008.00PM: DJ Levins

Food by Bloodwood and guest chef Thi Le (Anchovy, Melbourne) all weekend.

Weekend 4

Friday, 23 Feb

5.007.30PM: DJ FlexMami
7.308.30PM: OKENYO
8.3010.00PM: DJ Nes

Saturday, 24 Feb

2.304.30PM: Aboriginal Possum Skin Art Workshop
5.006PM: Emma Davis
6.008PM: Saskwatch DJ Set
8.009PM: Saskwatch
9.0010PM: Saskwatch DJ Set

Sunday, 25 Feb

2.303.30PM: Cooking Demonstration with Analiese Gregory: Learn how to cook with abalone
4.005.00PM: Emily Wurramara
5.008.00PM: DJ Levins

Food by Bloodwood and guest chef Analiese Gregory (Franklin, Hobart) all weekend.

*(all times and acts are subject to change)

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