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Barangaroo Concept Plan

As the Central Barangaroo Developer, Aqualand have developed a concept plan which requires changes to the approved Barangaroo Concept Plan. Known as Modification 9, this planning application seeks approval to amend the approved development blocks, uses and building heights in Central Barangaroo. Subsequent planning processes will be required for the detailed design and operation of buildings and public spaces.

In summary, the amendments being sought are:

  • Increasing the Gross Floor Area (GFA) for Central Barangaroo
  • Modifying the approved building envelopes
  • Modifying the street network and block boundaries
  • Allocating GFA to the Cutaway within Barangaroo Reserve.

Modification 9 was on public exhibition until Monday 8 August 2022. The proposed amendment and other supporting documents can be viewed on the Department of Planning and Environment’s Major Projects Register.

The key proposed changes are summarised below.


The delivery of Barangaroo Metro Station will significantly improve transport access and unlock the potential for thousands of people to visit Barangaroo for a range of work, shopping and leisure activities. The mix of commercial, residential, retail and community GFA in the development zone seeks to create a city destination with a diversity of uses and vibrant ongoing programming for locals and visitors alike.

Modification 9 seeks to increase the approved maximum GFA of Central Barangaroo from 47,688sqm to 144,355sqm of which 28,166 will be below ground. The modification also seeks approval to allocate up to 18,000sqm of Community Use GFA for use in the Cutaway to enable the development of a future cultural and community space.


Central Barangaroo will connect the commercial precinct of Barangaroo South with the naturalistic headland of Barangaroo Reserve and the existing neighbourhoods of Millers Point and Walsh Bay. The proposed built form and building heights within Central Barangaroo seeks to create a human scale environment, taking its place as the civic heart of Barangaroo.

Building height variations and views, MOD 9 Urban Design Report, p. 80

The potential view impacts of the proposed building heights have been assessed in detail as part of the Modification 9 Application and these can be found in the View and Visual Impact Assessment Report. Similarly, overshadowing impacts have been assessed and are contained in the Urban Design Report.


Modification 9 proposes to reconfigure Central Barangaroo’s street network to align with the proposed building envelopes and provide new and safer connections. The Application proposes to retain Barton Street as a permanent two way street and to remove vehicular traffic from a section of Barangaroo Avenue north of Barton Street. The retention of Barton Street will redirect vehicular traffic away from the future Harbour Park.​

Street and movement structure, MOD 9 Urban Design Report, p.142


The proposed land uses are generally consistent with the approved Concept Plan and Central Barangaroo will continue to be a mixed-use precinct. It will be a major employment hub by providing commercial premises and will offer a significant retail area to accommodate a variety of shops including supermarkets, specialty retail, and food and beverage. Residential use is proposed to be confined to the northern block of the precinct.

Modification 9 also proposes to realign the south-western site boundary of Block 5 with Barton Street, as was proposed in Modification 8.


Following the determination of Modification 9, a number of planning and development applications will be prepared for the construction and delivery of buildings, streets and spaces within the Central Barangaroo precinct. The community will be notified and able to have their say on these applications.


Presentations delivered by Aqualand and Infrastructure NSW during the public exhibition of Modification 9 are available here:



Harbour Park

At the heart of Central Barangaroo is Harbour Park. Measuring 1.85 hectares in size, it will be a place for everyone to gather on Sydney’s foreshore. Harbour Park will build on our commitment to ensure more than half of Barangaroo is public open space.

Building BarangarooBuilding Barangaroo

Building Barangaroo

Barangaroo is place-making in progress, an evolution of exceptional infrastructure, design and architecture, public spaces, and experiences.