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BDA joins new Expert Committee for carbon neutral cities

8 Mar 2016

The Environment Minister, the Hon Greg Hunt MP, today announced that the Barangaroo Delivery Authority will join the new Expert Committee for carbon neutral cities and precincts in Australia. The National Carbon Offset Standard – current certification system - is to be expanded to include whole cities, precincts and buildings.

In a statement, the minister said that with Australia’s cities ranking consistently among the most liveable in the world, the establishment of a certification system for sites and precincts was a significant step towards increasing energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions across Australia.

Mr Hunt said that as well as the Authority, the Expert Committee for the carbon-neutral cities and precincts would also include representatives from all major cities, the Green Building Council of Australia, the National Australian Built Environment Rating System and the CRC for Low Carbon Living.

He said that as part of the National Carbon Offset Standard, certified organisations reduce their emissions through using renewable energy and lowering energy use through energy efficiency measures or reducing waste and increasing recycling.

They offset the remaining emissions through the purchase of abatement units, such as for native vegetation restoration.

Since Barangaroo commenced its operational phase in July 2015, the Authority has been working with the Australian Government and National Carbon Offset Standard to establish a measure for carbon-neutral precincts.

The first meeting of the Expert Committee is planned for April.

More information on the Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard is available here and by emailing ncos@environment.gov.au.