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Hickson Road pedestrian access changes

7 Mar 2017

Hickson Road and Barangaroo Remediation well underway

The Barangaroo Delivery Authority is continuing its project to remediate land contaminated by the Millers Point Gasworks, which operated around a century ago.

Remediation began in late 2015 and will be completed in 2019, and involves two sites – on Hickson Road and onsite at Barangaroo, and two processes – a pilot trial and an excavation project.

The pilot trial of an in-situ remediation technique is taking place within a tent on Hickson Road, and involves 25 wells being drilled up to 12 metres into a tank underneath the road. This pilot trial is well underway, and will be evaluated in the coming months.

Preparative steps are beginning for the excavation project that will take place onsite at Barangaroo to allow for a large underground retention wall to be built. The wall will seal the area from water to allow the safe excavation of around 150,000 tonnes of fill material.


Due to the location of the wall, it has been necessary to close the western footpath on the Barangaroo side of Hickson Road, adjacent to the worksite.

Signage will show pedestrians the safest pathway, and we ask those who use the area to follow these instructions and use the alternative crossing located in the vicinity of 30 Hickson Road.

Car spaces will be temporarily removed to accommodate the remediation and the 300-space parking station under Barangaroo Reserve can be used as an alternative.

The Barangaroo Delivery Authority is working to deliver this remediation with as low impacts as possible for residents, visitors, pedestrians and the environment. We thank everyone for their patience during the works.

More information on remediation at Barangaroo is available here.