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Living Seawall sustainability partnership in action

26 Aug 2022

Did you know the largest Living Seawall in the world sits underwater in Waterman’s Cove, Barangaroo?

The 400 fully submerged habitat panels feature complex surface designs that mimic the natural environment. Marine species are encouraged to use these panels as their homes.

Almost two years on, we can celebrate this thriving underwater environment and the positive long-term impact this sustainability initiative has on enhancing marine habitats and biodiversity on-site. This opportunity was made possible thanks to the partnership between UNSW Science (Living Seawalls Initiative), Lendlease and Infrastructure NSW.


Barangaroo SouthBarangaroo South

Barangaroo South

Barangaroo is place-making in progress, an evolution of exceptional infrastructure, design and architecture, public spaces, and experiences.



The re-imagined landscape of Barangaroo provides the only truly native flora experience around Sydney Harbour.