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Pier Pavilion concrete hydro cutting works to commence

29 Nov 2022

Piling works are now complete and the pier needs to be extended and strengthened to manage the weight of the pavilion columns. 

Next week hydro cutting works will commence. An Aquacutter robot, a truck with a diesel pump and vacuum truck will be on site to complete the hydro cutting of the concrete slab.

There will be intermittent periods of noisy work. Noise monitors and barriers will be used to monitor and minimise noise during the works.

During this time, part of Watermans Cove pier will be closed to the public.

We look forward to sharing further updates as the project progresses. 

Learn more about the new Pier Pavilion.


New Pier PavilionNew Pier Pavilion

New Pier Pavilion

The Pier Pavilion on the edge of Watermans Cove will be a place where people can meet, gather and relax by the water, or enjoy a range of programmed events.