The beauty of Barangaroo is not merely confined to land – when we look to the sky we are excited and encouraged by the array of birdlife visiting the magnificent Barangaroo Reserve.

With more than 150 recorded bird species in the Sydney basin and over 75,000 native trees and shrubs planted in the Reserve, we look forward to welcoming the sights and sounds of more and more birdlife as the headland flora matures.

The ubiquitous Silver Gull, otherwise known as the Sea Gull and a quintessential Sydney scavenger, is already a regular (and often unwanted!) visitor to the Reserve. A little more exotic, the white-faced Heron has been spotted diving for crustaceans and fish on the harbour foreshore.

The Blue Wren is small and brightly coloured, and frequently spotted in parks and gardens around Sydney. The mature male sports a distinctive azure blue crest and tail, and we are on the lookout for this tiny treasure.

The beautiful Powerful Owl is frequently spotted in the Royal Botanical Gardens, a stone’s throw from Barangaroo. With its distinctive chocolate and cream feathers, it is only a matter of time before this nocturnal predator will be paying us a visit under the cover of dark.

Not to be forgotten, the iconic Kookaburra will be sure to enchant international visitors to Barangaroo. Proud in their soft coat of dusty brown and cream mixed with a splash of startling blue, these brazen birds have a powerful beak and a confident swoop, and are unabashedly unafraid of humans! The raucous Kookaburra ‘laugh’ is an unmistakable contribution to our natural Australian soundtrack and a welcome addition to the fabric of Barangaroo.