Baraya: Sing up country


25 Jan 2019

Barangaroo Reserve

Free event

Sydney Festival

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Bayala means ‘speak’ in local language. Local language is being reawakened, in a sharing and celebration of the Indigenous heritage of Sydney.

Come to one of three drop-in choir rehearsal sessions across Sydney Festival and learn a song in local language, taught by Aunty Jacinta Tobin and Yuwaalaraay woman Nardi Simpson. You can then perform the song with a group choir in Barangaroo Reserve on 25 January.

Reawaken and reforge the songlines of Sydney in a performance for country, ancestors and healing. You can also participate in the fireside vigil in Barangaroo Reserve from dusk on 25 January, reflecting on the meaning and impact of the First Fleet’s arrival, and hearing stories of Country.

Presented by Sydney Festival in partnership with Barangaroo Delivery Authority.

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Barangaroo The Woman

Barangaroo was a leader of her community, remembered through the generations as a defender of her culture and tradition.