Corpi Celesti


6-28 Aug 2021

6pm - 11pm

Wulugul Walk, Barangaroo


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Corpi Celesti – or heavenly bodies – is an immersive celebration of the first landing on the moon. In this interactive installation, Italy-based artists Daniele Davino, Daniele Spanò and Luca Brinchi combine the innovative techniques of video mapping and digital lights with traditional techniques of painting and analogue cinema, restoring old films and adapting them into new animated clips.

As a result, Corpi Celesti imparts a sense of space travel as you walk through the eight bright inflatable planets of our solar system and play ‘Where’s Pluto?’. When humans set foot on the surface of the moon, it united people across the world. In fact, the historical event of the Apollo 11 mission and what man was able to achieve in space – bridging the gap between the Moon and the Earth – was mirrored back here on our planet as shared hope for the future between different nationalities, races and religions.

As one of the most important events in history, it showed that if you can get away from your space and your present time, and look at your land with detachment, perhaps you will find more similarities than differences. Perhaps we will be more united and less in conflict, and able to see the big picture and sense our collective responsibility to save our planet, and our kind.

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