Barangaroo Artistic Associates

The Artistic Associates Program is designed to engage creative professionals to help deepen visitors’ understanding and enjoyment of Barangaroo. 

The Artistic Associates Program is part of the Barangaroo Public Art & Cultural Plan’s long-term vision to deepen visitors’ understanding and engagement with the site.  It is a multi-disciplinary artist-in-residence program designed to capture moments in time through the Barangaroo project and to deepen the experience of Barangaroo.

There are a number of Artistic Associate commissions for artists to work with Infrastructure NSW and its development partners to provide specialist advice, develop new works and facilitate professional development and/or offer residential or studio opportunities at Barangaroo.

The first Artistic Associates appointed were Genevieve Grieves and Amanda Jane Reynolds in 2016. Their collaboration, a multimedia work called Barangaroo Ngangamay, launched in Barangaroo Reserve in March 2017. You’ll find details here about experiencing their multimedia work.

Gondwana Choirs and composer Alice Chance were commissioned under the Artistic Associates program to create a suite of six musical pieces for various vocal ensembles, all inspired by the rich and diverse history of Barangaroo.

Alice Chance used the stories and the unique nature of Barangaroo as the inspiration for the short pieces for young choristers. The works include Barangaroo and Bennelong for the junior singers, to The Hungry Mile for the young men’s choir, and Aurora Eora, which explored the extraordinary acoustics of the Cutaway. The works were heard in the Cutaway during March – April 2017, and included a twilight performance of the compositions by Gondwana Choirs on 25 March.