Barangaroo Ngangamay production credits

Barangaroo Ngangamay production credits

Creative Directors: 
Genevieve Grieves and Amanda Jane Reynolds

Executive Producer: Amanda Jane Reynolds

Cast and community participants

Welcome: featuring Aunty Rhonda Dixon-Grovenor and Nadeena Dixon

Yaranga Guwaga: featuring Aunty Lois Birk; song composed by Amanda Jane Reynolds

Djiribi: featuring Sharon Mason, Ashweeni Mason, Aunty Vivienne Mason, Aunty Lee-Anne Mason, Aunty Lila Stewart; song performed by Djaadjawan Dancers

Waradah: featuring Corina Marino, Malakai Norman-Dadd, Mariko Smith, Arabella Smith, Aunty Jo Anne Rey; song composed by Corina Marino

Tari Miba: Maddy Madden, Lille Madden, Miah Madden; song composed by Lille Madden

Barangaroo Ngangamay: featuring Aunty Vivienne Mason, Aunty Lee-Anne Mason, Aunty Lila Stewart, Sharon Mason, Ashweeni Mason, Maddy Madden, Lille Madden, Mariko Smith, Arabella Smith, Jessica Birk, Henrietta Baird. Song composed by Amanda Jane Reynolds

Rock engraving films: Uncle Vic Simms, Uncle Steven Russell, Uncle Laurie Bimson

Film Crew

Director: Genevieve Grieves
Producer: Jodie Passmore
Cinematographer: Bonnie Elliott
Writer: Amanda Jane Reynolds
Sound Recordist: Dan Miau, Nick Emond
Editor: Elliott Magen
Camera Assistant: Brendan Blacklock
Art Department: Joel Ibbetson
Lighting: Remi Durrenberger, Nick Wright, Tommy Hankinson
Safety Supervisors: Dean Gould, Andy Clarke
On-set Nurse: Sandra Strudwick
Post Production Facility: David Gross, Definition Films
Sound Designer & Mix: Liam Egan
Sound Asst: Emma Lee Mitchell
Colourist: Justin Trang
Runners: Kieran Satour and Yale MacGillivray

Stills photography: Bonnie Elliott

Rock engravings

Carvers: Uncle Vic Simms, Uncle Steven Russell, Uncle Laurie Bimson
Concept consultant: Uncle Allen Madden
Associate Producer: Kieran Satour
Sandstone Consultant: Troy Stratti

Augmented Reality App Developer: APositive

APositive is a national and international award-winning digital agency that blends clients specialty subject with cool technology to create irresistibly interactive user experiences. Touch, explore, listen, watch, play. We use augmented reality (AR) to surprise, intrigue, educate and invite a response. We create AR experiences for a broad range of subjects, including education, advertising, exhibition, experiential and tourism. A full-service shop, we manage the entire AR process.

Graphic Design: Ngakkan Nyaagu 

Ngakkan Nyaagu is a one hundred percent Aboriginal owned company co-founded by Liam Ridgeway and John Saulo. Ngakkan Nyaagu means “see” in Wergaia and Gumbaynggirr languages. NGNY’s goal to assist organisations & individuals in developing a digital communication strategy and establishing an online presence so their audience can “see” who they are, what their story is and what they are doing.

Ngakkan Nyaagu

Production Company: Stella Stories

Established by Amanda Jane Reynolds in 2010, Stella Stories is a platform for cultures, communities and creativity. Stella Stories specialises in working with museums, galleries, heritage sites and communities to produce stories through a range of creative mediums. Seeding ideas, growing knowledge and working collaboratively, Stella Stories is ultimately about the gift, beauty and power of voice.

Stella Stories

We pay our respect to the Ancestors and Country of the Gadigal, home to our creative collaboration Barangaroo Ngangamay. We acknowledge the Bidjigal, Cammeraygal, Darug, Dharawal, Guringai, Yuin peoples who have participated in the collaboration and also those from further afield.

We offer heartfelt thanks to all the Koorie women who attended our workshops at Turramurra and the Australian Museum in the spirit of strengthening and sharing culture and connections. Special thank you to the women who taught or helped facilitate these gatherings: Aunty Phyllis Stewart, Kristine Stewart, Venessa Possum Starzynski, Laura McBride, Yale MacGillivray, Jess Sinnott, Djaadjawan Dancers, Banmirra Arts, Mary Mumbulla, Jessica Birk, Henrietta Baird. 

Thank you to the Barangaroo Delivery Authority: the Guides Clarence Slockee, Timothy Gray, Jessica Birk, Henrietta Baird, Mary Mumbulla; and our Project Managers Sarah Rawlings, Bill Harris and Sandra Bender; and to all the staff and the board who have worked incredibly hard to support this production.