Acrobat's Academy

2 - 7 October 2018
Gravity & Other Myths

World-renowned circus and physical theatre company, Gravity & Other Myths, tumbled into the Cutaway during the 2018 spring school holidays. Acrobat's Academy was the company's first dedicated children’s workshop program in Sydney, where kids had the opportunity to meet real-life acrobats and learn acrobatic skills in an enjoyable and supportive environment.

The 90-minute workshops started with a short performance from Gravity & Other Myths’ multi-award winning show A Simple Space - a mesmerising display of acrobatic skills and techniques. Then it was the kids’ turn to warm up and test their skills through movement games, floor-based acrobatics and group acrobatics. More than 1,000 children visited The Cutaway during the 2018 October school holidays, many for the first time.

Barangaroo Delivery Authority presented Acrobat’s Academy from 2 - 7 October 2018.

About the company

Gravity & Other Myths are an Australian circus and physical theatre company pushing the boundaries of contemporary circus. The Adelaide-based company are known for creating work with a focus on human connection and acrobatic virtuosity, described as “Cirque du Soleil with a fistful of grit” (UK Express) and “an awe-inspiring display of strength, skill and creativity” (The Advertiser).