Vivid Sydney At Barangaroo Winter Camp Credits

Scott Wright

Artistic Director
Scott Wright was born and grew up in Wathaurung country in Ballarat. An obsession with puppetry from a very early age has led to a life long career in bringing inanimate objects to life that is driven with the desire to create art that embraces natural history, indigenous folklore, urban mythology and sociology.

Steve Howarth

As a founding member of theatre company Erth Visual & Physical Inc., Steve heads up the development, design and creation of the majority of the company’s productions and external commissions. From the Erth studio/workshop he supervises a team of artists and makers in the creation of the puppets, sets, props, costumes and associated elements that are on constant tour around the globe. With a background in visual arts and sculpture, Steve has overseen the daily production of giant, teeth-gnashing dinosaurs and inflatable monsters that spring from traditional fine arts and textiles work, engaged with a variety of performers, artists, audiences and organisations, and worked across a range of media and creative platforms. Steve also mentors design students from tertiary institutions and assists emerging artists in the implementation of their craft.

Jacob Nash

Design Consultant & Creative Collaborator
Jacob is a Murri man from Brisbane. He is currently the Head Designer at Bangarra Dance Theatre and has been working with the company since 2010. He has designed the sets for all of their productions since that time, some of these works include; OUR: land people stories, PATYEGARANG, INFINITY/WARAMUK IN THE DARK NIGHT and OF EARTH AND SKY.

He has co-directed along with Stephen Page all of Bangarra’s digital content for the Vivid Festival, which has been projected onto the pylon of the Harbour Bridge annually since 2014. Jacob has also production designed Stephen Page’s feature film SPEAR and short film SAND and will also design Stephen’s current Bangarra production BENNELONG in 2017.

Jacob was the Production Designer for ABC’s sci-fi drama series CLEVERMAN.

Richard Neville

Lighting Designer
Richard is an award-winning lighting designer with work spanning theatre, concert, broadcast, light art and corporate markets around the world. His designs can be seen on world tours for Ricky Martin, Pnau, Good Charlotte, Taio Cruz and The Backstreet Boys, for the Parrtjima festival in Alice Springs and as part of the permanent Vector Lights installation on the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Richard is the managing director of Mandylights, Australia’s largest lighting design company with offices in the UK and Sydney. Since 2006, Richard and his team have delivered design work in over sixty countries around the world.

James Brown

Composer & Sound Designer
James Brown is a Sydney based composer and sound designer. He has worked collaboratively with companies both locally and internationally to produce soundtracks for performance, film, animation and games. He holds a Visual Arts degree from Sydney College of the Arts, and a Masters Degree in Acoustic Physics from Sydney University.

He has extensive experience working in collaborative, multi-artform processes and has formed ongoing artistic relationships collaborations with artists and companies including: Bethesda, Victoria Hunt, Jane Campion, Australian Ballet, Sydney Dance Company, Sydney Theatre Company, William Yang, George Khut, Matthew Day, Hans Van Den Broeck (SOIT), POST, Erth Visual & Physical Inc, and Urban Theatre Projects.

His process often involves creating music in synchronicity with the development of the project, creating a strong connection between the material and sound.

Ella Millard

Creative Producer
Ella was part of the programming team behind MONA's first three Dark Mofo festivals, before joining Causeway Films as Development & Production Executive where she produced Screen Australia-funded short film Grace by Alex Holmes. In 2016 Ella was awarded Screen Australia Hot Shots funding to produce short film Girl and Body, and develop feature Somnio, by writer/director Charlotte Mars. In 2017 Ella joined theatre company Erth Visual & Physical Inc. as their Executive Producer, producing a suite of projects in VR, visual theatre and immersive experiences for clients including Vivid Sydney, Melbourne Zoo, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Sydney Festival, and Carriageworks, and where she continues to support the company's ongoing drive to develop and produce bold new creative work.


ERTH is a company fueled by beautiful accidents; a team of creators, makers and performers pushing the limits of design, content and experience. For over twenty-five years ERTH’s puppetry-based theatrical productions and innovative community projects have challenged and inspired audiences around the world, driven by a special interest in natural history, indigenous folklore, sociology and urban mythology. Today the company is recognised internationally as an innovator of physical and visual theatre, and a creator of brave, unbridled work for children. In addition to touring the world with their long-running stage shows Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo and Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium, the company’s ongoing push to explore boundaries and devise new work has seen the recent premiere of The Liminal Hour at Barangaroo for Vivid Sydney 2018 in collaboration with Mandylights and Jacob Nash, a move into the realm of virtual reality, and the development of ARC – an expansive, collaborative, multi-year, cross-platform work exploring preciousness and conservation.


Mandylights started in Australia in 2006 as a lighting design and production company and has since expanded globally with offices in Australia and the United Kingdom. The company works across concert, special event, architectural, corporate and light art markets and has delivered projects in over sixty countries around the world with a team of a dozen designers, technicians and production professionals.

Erth Makers

Katrina Lynch, Maker
Celia Curtis, Maker
Cassilda Parkinson, Maker
Max Nippard, MakerMax Nippard, Maker
Max Nippard, Maker
Gabrielle Paananen, Maker
Aron Dosiak, Maker
Jacob Stevens, Maker
Bella Bowman, Maker
Ebony Zderic, Maker
Ryan Shelmerdine, MakerRyan Shelmerdine, Maker
Ryan Shelmerdine, Maker
Jackson Eather, MakerJackson Eather, Maker
Jackson Eather, Maker
Nick Gregson, MakerNick Gregson, Maker
Nick Gregson, Maker

Erth Puppeteers and crew

Alisha Rasmussen, Puppeteer
Albert David, Puppeteer
Amy Flannery, Puppeteer
Jo Clancy, Puppeteer
Kailah Cabanas, Puppeteer
Michelle Robin Anderson, Puppeteer
Natasha Rogers, Puppeteer
Nick O'Regan, Puppeteer
Samantha Hickey, Puppeteer
Shana O'Brien, Puppeteer
Tegan Arazny, Puppeteer
Andrea Vale, Stage Manager
Martine Kingsley, Site Manager
Lucy Dinh, Event Crew
Judy Reardon, Operations & Production ManagerJudy Reardon, Operations & Production Manager
Judy Reardon, Operations & Production Manager
Sharon Kerr, Erth Executive DirectorSharon Kerr, Erth Executive Director
Sharon Kerr, Erth Executive Director


Erth Company Credits

Scott Wright, Artistic Director
Sharon Kerr, Executive Director
Steve Howarth, Head of Design
Ella Millard, Executive Producer
Judy Reardon, Operations & Production Manager
Nick O'Regan, Schools Coordinator
Albert David, Workshop Facilitator
Jo Clancy, Choreographer


Zaachariaha Fielding (Vocalisations)
Corina Norman
Julie Jones (Webb)
Alisha Rasmussen
Amy Flannery
Jo Clancy
Kaitlyn O'Leary
Kassidy Waters
Katina Olsen
Natasha Rogers
Shana O'Brien

Cultural consultation

Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council

Language Consultants
Corina Norman
Julie Jones (Webb)

Movement Consultants
Corina Norman
Julie Jones (Webb)

Language drawn from "The Sydney Language" by Jakelin Troy

Creative consultants

Jo Clancy
Katina Olsen
Albert David
Kaitlyn O'Leary
Kassidy Waters
Alisha Rasmussen
Shana O'Brien
Amy Flannery
Natasha Rogers

Participating schools

Burwood Girls High School
Caroline Chisholm College
Caspa & Goodjarga Ensemble
Fort Street High School
Jamison High School
Jarara Combined Schools Ensemble
Kogarah High School
Marrickville High School
Mosman High School
Mount Annan High School
Newtown High School of the Performing Arts
Penrith Selective High School
Pittwater House
St Clair High School

Erth is grateful for the assistance of the Aboriginal Strategic Coordination Unit, Juvenile Justice, NSW Department of Juvenile Justice.

Mandylights Credits

Richard Neville, Director/Designer
Kate Chalker, General Manager
Dave Coleman, Head of Production
Claire Melton, Operations Manager
Nick Sheen, Lead Technician
Luke Parry, Operator
Joseph Yabsley, Technician
Samuel PinchinTechnician
Abraham MahamidTechnician
Megan NorrisTechnician


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