Arts and Public Program Panel

Arts and cultural activity at Barangaroo is a vital element in the successful creation of Barangaroo and to secure its place in the national cultural landscape.

An Arts and Public Program Panel was established to provide expert advice on developing the character and identity of the Barangaroo precinct through a range of arts and cultural, civic and community programs. 

The panel oversees the Barangaroo Public Art and Cultural Plan that establishes the framework for a multi-million dollar investment in public art and cultural programming. You'll find more information on the plan here. 

As at October 2020, the panel members are:

  • Acting Chair Tom Gellibrand
  • Leon Paroissien
  • Alison Page
  • Lisa Havilah
  • Wesley Enoch
  • Noel Staunton
  • Chris Keely
  • Caroline Butler-Bowden


Arts and culture

Discover Barangaroo’s evolving program of public art and culture.

Arts and public program

Good public art enriches places. Barangaroo will be a showcase of arts and culture for all to enjoy.