Barangaroo South Public Domain

Barangaroo South is the dynamic commercial and residential hub of the precinct. It features world class dining, retail, and commercial spaces combined with premium waterfront public open spaces for everyone to enjoy. The two hectares of new public space completes the design of Barangaroo South and is a key element of the commitment to delivering more than half of Barangaroo as open public space.

A new Sydney Harbour cove known as Watermans Cove, a public park, an expanded waterfront walkway, a public pier and new streets are the key features of the public domain in Barangaroo South. The designs for these spaces were created by world-renowned landscape architects Grant & Associates and delivered by Lendlease and Crown Resorts in partnership with the NSW Government.

Watermans Cove and the foreshore

Watermans Cove is a fully-accessible amphitheatre-style boardwalk. With steps down towards the water, it’s a place for residents, workers and tourists to join in events and activations, as well as to relax and take in the sights.

Linking with Watermans Cove is the foreshore walk which hugs Sydney Harbour along the entire length of Barangaroo South. This wide waterfront promenade unlocks even more public open space in Barangaroo and will be a prominent feature of the 14-kilometre waterfront walk all the way from Glebe to Woolloomooloo.

The Pier, Watermans Cove and the foreshore were progressively opened to the public from July to October 2020.

Located on the southern edge of Watermans Cove is a new pier. A national design competition is currently underway for a new public Pavilion to be designed and built on the pier.


Hickson park

Hickson Park was officially opened in December 2020. Offering a cooler, shaded park in Barangaroo South, it will be a meeting and eating space for visitors, workers and residents to enjoy all year round. The park features an open green lawn and sheltering tree belt with predominantly native trees. Hickson Park’s distinctive design ensures parklands across the precinct are diverse while remaining connected.

Some of the park features are ornamented with specially created public art:

  • The “Native Tapestry” by Deuce Design, an artwork of poetry, and native birdlife and insects inhabiting an abstraction of an Angophora costata canopy cast into the surface of the bench. The tapestry extends into the park with fragments of poetry and native wildlife found on the sandstone seating and paving blocks, introducing a 'treasure trail'.
  • The “Winged Wonderland”, a 100 metre long artwork created by six artists from Studio A, a non-for-profit group based in Crows Nest that works to break down the barriers facing artists with an intellectual disability. The artwork pays homage to the Barangaroo Bench in Hickson Park showcases the power of diversity in both nature and culture.


Wulugul Walk

The 30 metre wide Wulugul Walk was officially complete by the end of 2020. Wulugul Walk hugs Sydney Harbour along the entire length of Barangaroo. It is a prominent feature of the 14 kilometre waterfront walk from Glebe to Woolloomooloo – one of the world’s most stunning urban walking routes.

For more information on the planning approval for the public domain, please view the Independent Planning Commission’s media release.

Watermans Cove
Watermans Cove from south east
Wulugul Walk and Watermans Cove from north
Hickson Park



Follow the Barangaroo development journey, from a 22-hectare disused container wharf to Sydney's vibrant new waterfront precinct.


Barangaroo aims to be sustainable today and for future generations. Its commitment is to be carbon neutral and water positive, to create zero waste emissions and contribute to community well-being.



Infrastructure NSW

Following the 2019 State General Election, the NSW Government realigned its structures to effectively serve the new Ministry and the Government’s priorities. The Government’s priorities are being supported by changes to the NSW public sector as a whole. On 1 July 2019, the Barangaroo Delivery Authority was abolished with its functions transferring to Infrastructure NSW.

Infrastructure NSW is the NSW Government agency responsible for the development of Barangaroo and management of its public spaces.