Hickson Park and Watermans Cove

A new Sydney Harbour cove known as Watermans Cove, a one-hectare public park, an expanded waterfront walkway and a public pier are the key features of the next section of Barangaroo’s public domain to be delivered. The two hectares of public space completes the design of the Barangaroo South project, and is a key element of the commitment to delivering more than half of Barangaroo as open public space.

World renowned landscape architects Grant & Associates, who designed Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, have created the park and garden design. Lendlease, the developer of Barangaroo's southern section, will construct the public space, due to open in 2021.

The design includes Waterman’s Cove, a fully-accessible amphitheatre-style boardwalk on the water, which will be a magnet for visitors and Barangaroo office workers. It also includes the extension to Wulugul Walk around the Crown Sydney Hotel Resort.

The one-hectare Hickson Park will provide a green link from the CBD into the heart of Barangaroo’s retail and dining precinct.

The new public domain features received planning approval in September 2018.

View the Independent Planning Commission’s media release

Hickson Park from north westHickson Park from north west
Hickson Park from north west
Wulugul Walk from northWulugul Walk from north
Wulugul Walk from north
Watermans Cove from south eastWatermans Cove from south east
Watermans Cove from south east
Watermans Cove from north westWatermans Cove from north west
Watermans Cove from north west

Hickson Park

  • One hectare of public parkland.
  • Predominantly open green lawn but with a tree belt to provide shelter and shade.
  • Predominantly native trees, but with a mix of exotics.
  • Will include park furniture, meeting and eating spaces, free wifi and bike parking.
  • Will catch the northern sun, but more sheltered from the wind and hot western sun.
  • Provides a cooler, shaded sanctuary at the hotter times of year.
  • Ensures parklands across Barangaroo are diverse, with different characteristics, while remaining connected. 

Watermans Cove

  • A central point for people working in and visiting the retail district.
  • A place to meet, reflect, sit and have lunch or a coffee, while taking in Sydney’s magnificent harbour.
  • With steps down to the water, people will be able to take their shoes and socks off and dip their feet in Sydney Harbour.
  • Amphitheatre shape makes it a place to host events, entertainment, art and music.
  • A ‘people’s space’ with a wide variety of uses.
  • Includes a public pier on the southern side of the cove. There will be the potential to include a pavilion or a canopy on this pier to provide shade, shelter and a space for activities.

Wulugul Walk

  • The final section of Wulugul Walk, which hugs Sydney Harbour along the entire length of Barangaroo.
  • The missing link that will complete the 14km waterfront walk from Garden Island to the Fish Markets – one of the world’s most stunning urban walking routes.
  • A 30m wide waterfront promenade – with an additional 9m beyond the hotel podium.

Watermans Quay

  • A grand tree-lined boulevard, creating a link between Hickson Road and the harbour.
  • Approximately 113m in length and 23m wide.
  • Approximately double the width of the current temporary street.
  • Generous tree-lined footpaths and pedestrian crossings.
  • A slow-speed street which can be shared by cars, pedestrians and cyclists.



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Barangaroo aims to be sustainable today and for future generations. Its commitment is to be carbon neutral and water positive, to create zero waste emissions and contribute to community well-being.



Infrastructure NSW

Following the 2019 State General Election, the NSW Government realigned its structures to effectively serve the new Ministry and the Government’s priorities. The Government’s priorities are being supported by changes to the NSW public sector as a whole. On 1 July 2019, the Barangaroo Delivery Authority was abolished with its functions transferring to Infrastructure NSW.

Infrastructure NSW is the NSW Government agency responsible for the development of Barangaroo and management of its public spaces.