Barangaroo is the site of the old Millers Point Gasworks that operated from the mid-1800s until it was decommissioned in 1921.

The old Millers Point Gasworks was located across the northern area of Barangaroo South and the adjacent area of Hickson Road. At the beginning of the Barangaroo project, extensive investigations were carried out to assess for the presence of contamination caused by the gasworks. The investigations found the by-products of the gasworks operations, including coal tar and associated contaminated soils and groundwaters had remained in the ground since 1921.

Due to the presence of this contamination, the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) in 2009 declared that the area on which the gasworks formerly operated was significantly contaminated and required remediation before development could begin.

The remediation was carried out by Lendlease on behalf of Infrastructure NSW. The works were complex and required a highly technical and a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure the safety of workers and the surrounding community.

After each block was successfully remediated, the land was then able to be developed as part of the Barangaroo precinct. After all physical works were complete in February 2020, the NSW EPA determined that the site was successfully remediated and formally ended the declaration in June 2020.

During the remediation works:

  • In excess of 550,000 tonnes of contaminated waste was excavated and removed from site.
  • Over 10 million litres of contaminated waters were treated.
  • Workers excavated up to 14 metres below ground level.
  • Hundreds of workers specialising in contaminated site remediation were employed.
  • A number of services were installed including installing over 4 kilometres of water services and over 25 kilometres of electrical cables.

To carry out the remediation safely, large tents known as Odour Control Enclosures, were used to create a negative pressure environment to carry out the works. This guaranteed that no odours or dust was emitted from the site to protect the health of the surrounding workers, residents and community. All materials that were excavated were removed off site to licensed landfills using covered haulage trucks.

Throughout the works, extensive monitoring of dust, odour, groundwater, air and noise levels were undertaken continuously to ensure compliance with the Environmental Protection Licence issued by the NSW EPA for the works.

For any further information on the Remediation projects, please contact Infrastructure NSW (community.barangaroo@infrastructure.nsw.gov.au) or Lendlease (barangaroosouth@lendlease.com).


VIDEO: Remediation works being carried out inside the OCEs at Hickson Road


VIDEO: The Odour Control Enclosures (OCEs) at Blocks 4 & 5 in Barangaroo South