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Boat Permits

Permits are currently not available at any of Barangaroo wharves, docks or pontoons. Please email Barangaroo.permits@infrastructure.nsw.gov.au if you have any queries.

Please see below for boating information at the following Barangaroo locations:


Rowntrees Dock

Pick up/drop off for small water vessels only:

  • Maximum craft length of 12 meters (39-foot)/ and maximum vessel displacement 11.6t
  • To note, water levels at Rowntrees Dock are shallow and vary between approximately 1.5metres and 2.5metres (depending on tides and location)


Barangaroo Pontoon (in front of Crown Sydney)

Pick up/drop off only. Please adhere to the signs on the pontoon for vessel restrictions, which can also be found below:

  • Northern side – maximum craft length of 8m/ maximum vessel displacement of 3t
  • Western side – maximum craft length of 25m/ maximum vessel displacement of 140t

Permits for booking of the pontoon will be available shortly. Please check back here for updates and information.


Barangaroo Wharf/Boardwalk and Watermans Cove

No vessel access is permitted.



Venue Hire

Barangaroo is home to a unique portfolio of extraordinary event spaces against the natural beauty of Sydney Harbour.

Roads and Works Permits

Place Management NSW may issue permits or approvals for works in the public domain and on the road.