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All Events

Barangaroo Art Tour

21 Feb 2023 - 19 May 2023

Join us on this lunch time tour to discover some of Barangaroo's stunning public art. You'll also get the benefits of fresh air, the opportunity explore the stunning Barangaroo precinct and increase your daily step count.

Easter School Holiday Fun

13-20 Apr 2023

Get the kids into the Easter spirit! Join us at the Barangaroo Reserve for a fun and educational school holiday program. 

Damulay Ngurang, Friendship Place

14 May 2023

A morning celebrating mothers and children through dance, storytelling and healing; empowering women, parents and caregivers through a shared experience.

Night Walkers, Vivid Sydney

26 May 2023 - 17 Jun 2023

If you've never spent time up-close with a frog, you might not appreciate how beautiful their skin patterns can be. This intricate camouflage can, in some species, even change colour and texture!

The Tunnel, Vivid Sydney

26 May 2023 - 17 Jun 2023

They say that most adventures are about the journey, not the destination. However, The Tunnel is a trip of itself, steered by fellow Vivid Sydney spectators.

What Lies Beneath, Vivid Sydney

26 May 2023 - 17 Jun 2023

3D-mapped onto the curved rocks of Nawi Cove, this projection uses real data from ocean currents to show how our reefs are moving and changing in warming waters.

House of Naturalia, Vivid Sydney

26 May 2023 - 17 Jun 2023

Expect sustainable cocktails, a custom menu by Head Chef Tara Chua centred on the natural world, and projections that highlight rewilding conservation efforts. 

Vivid Fire Kitchen

27 May 2023 - 17 Jun 2023

 Vivid Fire Kitchen brings together a selection of Sydney’s hottest dining concepts, curated drinks and entertainment for three weeks of flame-fuelled festivities. 

Vivid House

27 May 2023 - 17 Jun 2023

Vivid House is an immersive 360° experience through four awe-inspiring artworks

Water Lilies, Vivid Sydney

27 May 2023 - 17 Jun 2023

Giant inflatable lilies will float gently in the water, shining white during the day and lighting up into a meditative kaleidoscope at night.

Dune, Vivid Sydney

27 May 2023 - 17 Jun 2023

Dune reflects the ever-changing landscape of a desert and the hypnotic beauty of its endless rises and falls.