Biennale of Sydney - John Gerrard - Leaf Work


12 Mar 2022 - 13 Jun 2022

Stargazer Lawn, Barangaroo Reserve


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Irish artist John Gerrard, best known for his sculptures and installations which typically take the form of digital simulations, will present Leaf Work (Derrigimlagh) (2020).

Displayed on a monumental, 6 m x 6 m LED wall set into a polished mirrored pavilion on Stargazer Lawn in Barangaroo Reserve, Gerrard has taken digital technology usually employed by the commercial gaming industry to create virtual worlds that simulate extremely detailed and authentic landscapes.

Presenting a single female figure clad from head to toe in green Irish spring leaves who slowly walks in a circle upon an empty landscape, Leaf Work animates the stress felt by the environment in a response to the escalating climate crisis.

For more information please visit the official Biennale of Sydney website.

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