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Light Forest, Vivid Sydney


26 May 2023 - 17 Jun 2023

Barangaroo Barangaroo Headland


Under the canopy of Tasmania’s rainforests, dappled light dances with the wind, breaking through wherever it can. Light Forest takes that light source from the canopy sky to inside the tree trunks themselves, light pulsating and dancing from within, reaching out through cracks and cuts.

Using salvaged wood to form a series of tree trunks standing tall in a clearing, the work also encourages us to reconsider the life still within these materials. The dappled light also mirrors the artist’s own alternative sensory world as a legally blind person with less than 5% vision, where light pulses through cracks in tree trunks and shadows play.

Vivid Sydney

From 26 May - 17 June, Vivid Sydney will light up Barangaroo. Come down and follow an illuminated trail that will take you through the stunning natural surrounds of Barangaroo Reserve and along the picturesque Wulugul Walk and into a foodie paradise. 

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For further information about Vivid Sydney, visit the Vivid Sydney Frequently Asked Questions page.