Sydney Festival - The Vigil: Songs for Tomorrow


25 Jan 2022

Overnight from dusk

Barangaroo Reserve

Free ticketed event

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The Vigil: Songs for Tomorrow is a moment for unity and reflection on the eve of January 26. As the conversation around this date and the future grows louder, the need for change is as urgent as ever.

Now in its fourth incarnation at Sydney Festival, The Vigil will be an intimate night of contemporary ceremony, song and fire led by the new generation of First Nations artists. In an intergenerational exchange of knowledge and music we will unite by the fire, acknowledge the past, and sing to the future. Please register your interest to attend.

The Vigil is a free event, however to aid COVID safety it is now ticketed and all attendees will be required to book a ticket in advance. Register your interest to be notified when tickets are released in January.


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Barangaroo the Woman

Barangaroo was a leader of her community, remembered through the generations as a defender of her culture and tradition.