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26 May 2023 - 17 Jun 2023



Take a look at our top picks with our new itineraries for families, foodies, photographers, date nights or choose your own adventure. With multiple transport options you can enjoy a ferry ride to Barangaroo Wharf or easily catch the bus, train or check out our limited parking options. 

There's something for everyone this year at Barangaroo!  

Top picks for families

Start your journey in the afternoon with a scenic ferry ride to Barangaroo Wharf then fuel up at The Streets of Barangaroo before exploring illuminating installations.

These giant inflatable versions of the flower float gently in the water, offering a meditative kaleidoscope of colour. Location: Watermans Cove
Excited by the Light Walk, a school of fish jump out of the water eager to play. Keep watching and listen out for a warning sound and see how many jumping fish you can count. Location: Watermans Cove
Experience Vivid House an immersive 360° experience through four awe-inspiring artworks. Take your time and enjoy this family-friendly activation. Location: The Cutaway

Top picks for foodies

Find your most stretchy pants, jump on a train and tantalise your tastebuds with our suggested foodie route. We’ve made sure you’ll see some stunning installations on your way too!

Expect sustainable cocktails, a custom menu by Head Chef Tara Chua centred on the natural world, and projections that highlight rewilding conservation efforts. Location: Barangaroo House
Join in the flame-fuelled festivities with some of Sydney's hottest dining concepts, pitmasters and curated menus including inspired cocktails. Location: The Cutaway
Raise a glass to exquisite views of the Sydney Harbour, blended with the luxury of an open terrace at Crown Sydney’s award-winning Rooftop Bar, CIRQ. Location: Crown Sydney

Top picks for photographers

Pack your gear with options for parking (make sure you research locations!) and get excited about cool angles, long exposures and experimenting to get the perfect shot.

Living for centuries, towering trees are the 'silent observers' of history. At night, they finally ‘speak’ as projections bring alive the story their growth rings tell. Location: Barangaroo Reserve
Representing the sand dune by an illuminated top ridge, Dune is constantly moving with 12 LED lines being sculpted by unseen and unfelt winds. Location: Barangaroo Reserve
Witness the spectacular silhouette of an oversized lightbulb featuring fluttering representations of Australia's endangered Bogong Moths inside the bulb. Location: Barangaroo Reserve

Top picks for date nights

Catch the bus or train, grab a drink from a bar at The Streets of Barangaroo and snuggle for warmth with our date night recommendations.

Travel through an open hallway made of 16 otherworldly, space-age structures, controlled by 'Pilots' creating a one of kind experience each time through The Tunnel’s soundscape and 8,000+ LEDs. Location: Wulugal Walk
After swirling between captivating blue and whites during the day, at nightfall, your movements upon the expansive artwork stir the seas into a wave of colours. Location: Barangaroo Reserve
Using salvaged wood to form a series of tree trunks standing tall, experience the light pulsating and dancing from within the tree trunks themselves. Location: Barangaroo Reserve