Meet the development partners who have been instrumental in realising the Barangaroo vision.

From the landscaping of Barangaroo Reserve, to the construction of the precinct’s modern buildings - we look at Barangaroo’s development partners.

Barangaroo’s transformation requires commitment from across public and private organisations and interests. The places and spaces that people enjoy today, and the commitment to sustainability, design excellence and art and culture, would not have been possible without partnerships and rich collaboration. 

The NSW Government has partnered with:

  • Lendlease: Barangaroo South  
  • Aqualand: Central Barangaroo  
  • Sydney Metro: Barangaroo Metro Station  
  • Crown Resorts: Crown Sydney  

The vision for Barangaroo is enshrined in development agreements that firmly place sustainability and the commitment to quality open space at the fore and provide for the development levies that fund projects across Barangaroo.