Pier Pavilion

A new iconic landmark is coming to Barangaroo South - Pier Pavilion, set to become a vibrant communal landmark by the water.

Pier Pavilion

Located in Watermans Cove, the Pier Pavilion will be a stunning public space where people can shelter, meet, gather and relax by the water. Pier Pavilion will be adjacent to the Barangaroo Ferry Hub by Watermans Quay.

The development application was approved by the City of Sydney in July 2022. In early 2023 Stage 1 substructure works were completed. These works provided foundations for the structure on the pier and to prepare for the main works construction.


The main works construction contract (Stage 2) was awarded to Stephen Edwards Constructions and construction has commenced. Works are expected to be completed in 2025.

Infrastructure NSW will work closely with Stephen Edwards Constructions to manage the construction program and minimise the impact on neighbouring properties and businesses. 

The design

The 2020 design competition received over 170 entries from architects across Australia. The winning design is by Besley & Spresser. Pier Pavilion’s design celebrates elements that surround the site - land, sky and sea.

The Pavilion is triangular in shape, with column elevations with curved sides that align to surrounding coves. A small building, the “Cella”, is nested within the Pavilion and will house a servery, performance area and storage. The landscaped roof has a circular oculus that provides light to the space. The roof will be covered with native plants species to attract wildlife. 

A key feature of the design will be ‘oyster shell terrazzo’ which will be used to clad the columns and external wall elements of the building. The cladding panels are made from mixing whole, recycled Sydney rock oyster shells into a terrazzo mix specifically designed for this project.
Construction FAQs
Throughout construction, heavy vehicles will be required to access the site to deliver construction materials. The frequency of deliveries will vary depending on the stage of works. There will be intermittent impacts to pedestrian movements through the area as delivery trucks arrive on site. To manage public safety during these deliveries, vehicle escorts will be onsite to manage pedestrian and vehicle movements. Additionally, there will be signage and barriers to assist the public.  

Due to site restrictions and the need for cranes to move large items around site (e.g. establishing site compounds, moving structural steel, cross laminated timber, etc.) additional exclusion zones and pedestrian route changes will be necessary to maintain public safety.

Construction will occur during standard City of Sydney construction hours, with an extended respite period from high noise works, detailed below. Any works outside of these hours will be subject to the relevant authority approvals and communicated with stakeholders in advance. 

Construction updates can be found on the noticeboard for community and neighbours.

Day Hours of work
Monday to Friday 7.30am - 5.30pm. 
Respite period: High noise emission appliances*, plant and/or machinery will not be used between 12pm and 2pm.
Saturday 7.30am - 3.30pm. 
Respite period: High noise emission appliances*, plant and/or machinery will not be used before 9:30am or after 12pm. 
Sunday or public holidays No work is permitted on Sundays or public holidays.

*High noise emission appliances include machinery such as piledrivers, rock breakers and hydraulic hammers.

You can:

  • Email the project team barangaroo.info@infrastructure.nsw.gov.au or
  • Contact INSW reception on 1800 679 121 (office hours 8:30am-4:30pm AEST Monday-Friday); answered by INSW reception or voice mail and sent to project email for action.