Pier Pavilion

A new iconic landmark is coming to Barangaroo South - Pier Pavilion. This Barangaroo event and public space will feature a rooftop garden and a waterfront location.

The Pier Pavilion, located in Watermans Cove, will be a stunning place where people can meet, gather and relax by the water, or enjoy a range of Barangaroo events.

Infrastructure NSW’s development application for Pier Pavilion was approved on 7 July 2022. The planning documentation submitted to the City of Sydney and development approval can be accessed here

Construction is underway and will be in two stages

  • Stage 1 substructure works provide foundations for the structure on the pier and to prepare for the main works construction - this work is now complete
  • Stage 2 involves construction of the actual Pavilion - due to start later this year.

The design

The 2020 national design competition received more than 170 entries from architects across Australia. The winning design is by architects Jessica Spresser and Peter Besley. Celebrating land, sea and sky, Pier Pavilion will add yet another iconic landmark to Barangaroo’s renewed foreshore. 

About the competition jury

A competition jury comprising leading figures in the Australian architectural community selected the five finalists and competition winner. Competition jury members:  

  • Robert Nation AM, Barangaroo Design Advisor  
  • Bridget Smyth, City Architect / Design Director, City of Sydney  
  • Abbie Galvin, New South Wales Government Architect  
  • Peter Poulet, Professor of Practice (Architecture), Western Sydney University  
  • Kim Crestani, City Architect, City of Parramatta