Barangaroo Work Permits

Placemaking NSW may issue permits for works in public areas and roads in certain circumstances - find out everything you need to know here.

Permits for construction, maintenance, and ferry hub access in Barangaroo are issued under regulation 43 of the Place Management NSW Regulation 2022, and section 138 of the Roads Act 1993.

When is a permit required?

A permit is required for any work on roads and streets, work that is next to the road (for example on the footpath or road shoulder) or work that is in the public domain. Types of permits include:

  • Temporary works: such as minor construction works not involving mobile hoisting devices like cranes or scissor lifts.
  • Crane works: for works in the public way using any type of crane.
  • Temporary full road closures.
  • Temporary structures: for scaffolding, hoardings etc.
  • Road opening: for works that require excavating in the road or footpath.
  • Works zones: for exclusive use of road space for works over a timeframe.

All work in the public domain also requires a permit - this may include maintenance work, deliveries of plant or materials to buildings, hoardings or concrete pours. Placemaking NSW manage all permits for the public domain in Barangaroo, including Barangaroo Reserve and the commercial, shopping and dining hub at the southern end of the precinct.

Before you apply

Placemaking NSW will only assess applications for permits after receiving all required documents so please carefully consider requirements before you apply. Once Placemaking NSW has received all documents the minimum processing time for applications is two days.

Please note that while Placemaking NSW issues permits if the works are on the road a Road Occupancy Licence may also be required. Unless otherwise required all infrastructure and roading works are to City of Sydney specifications.

When you’re ready to apply

When you’re ready to apply you can download forms and supporting materials here.