Filming and Photography

Barangaroo’s many public spaces are available for filming and photography - permit free for small groups and with permits for larger crews. Find out more here.

Capture the beauty of Barangaroo, where modern architecture and lush landscapes meet stunning views of Sydney Harbour.

Filming and photography is encouraged in Barangaroo - we want to share this gorgeous precinct with the rest of the world. Visitors are welcome to film and take photos here with no permit required.

There’s a lot to see in Barangaroo

What was once a disused container terminal is now an ultra-modern 22 hectare waterfront precinct. There are countless impressive examples of modern architecture from the world’s best architects, a 6 hectare reserve planted with 75,000 lush native plants and a coastline of ancient golden sandstone.

And the best part? There are breathtaking views of the Sydney Harbour from almost every angle.

Filming and photography permits Barangaroo

If your shoot has less than 10 people (talent and crew) with minimal equipment (camera, tripod, boom and reflector) you’re welcome to film in Barangaroo’s public spaces without a permit - as long as you do not require exclusive use.

However, like many locations around Sydney, there is a permit system in place for larger shoots, including drone shoots. This allows us to work with you to help you get the perfect shot, coordinate access, ensure you have the appropriate insurance and notify retailers and the public as necessary. You can find out more about our filming or photography permit requirements here.

To apply for a filming or photography permit, please take a couple of minutes to fill out our Filming and Photography application form. For any questions related to filming and photography, please make an enquiry online or contact our events team at

By submitting your application you agree with our Terms and Conditions.*