Wharves, docks and pontoons

Permits are currently not available at any of Barangaroo wharves, docks or pontoons.

Please see below for boating information at the following Barangaroo locations:

Rowntrees Dock

Pick up / drop off for small water vessels only:

  • Maximum craft length of 12 meters (39-foot) / and maximum vessel displacement 11.6t
  • To note, water levels at Rowntrees Dock are shallow and vary between approximately 1.5m and 2.5m (depending on tides and location)

Barangaroo Pontoon (in front of Crown Sydney)

Pick up/drop off only. Please adhere to the signs on the pontoon for vessel restrictions, which can also be found below:

  • Northern side – maximum craft length of 8m / maximum vessel displacement of 3t

  • Western side – maximum craft length of 25m / maximum vessel displacement of 140t

Barangaroo Wharf/Boardwalk and Watermans Cove

No vessel access is permitted.