The Cutaway

Barangaroo Reserve, 1 Merriman St, Barangaroo
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Map, showing The Cutaway

The Cutaway is a unique below-ground concrete and sandstone space near the waterfront in Barangaroo Reserve - available for hire for events of up to 3,500 people.

One of Sydney’s most unique event spaces, the Cutaway is a large concrete and sandstone below-ground venue underneath Barangaroo Reserve. 

Minutes from Barangaroo Reserve and the waterfront you’ll find a 120 metre long underground space. This is the Cutaway. 

This super-sized concrete venue is one of Sydney and Barangaroo’s premier large event spaces, and can be transformed however you choose to blow guests away at your next event. 

Introducing Sydney’s most unique large event space

To create the foreshore of Sydney’s newest waterfront reserve, Barangaroo Reserve, over 10,000 ancient sandstone blocks were excavated from underneath the reserve, mostly from the site that is now the Cutaway. 

The result is a super-sized below-ground space with a concrete floor that leads to a towering ancient sandstone wall that opens to the skies. This venue is a fundamental part of the city’s recreated north-western headland.

Book the Cutaway for your next event

The Cutaway is open to the public and easily accessible via foot from Wulugul Walk.  There is also a 300 space underground car park just minutes away. 

It’s an ideal venue to host a range of events, including exhibitions, launches, corporate functions, fashion shows and covered markets. The ancient sandstone wall and unique light also makes it a great location for photography and filming. 

Appropriate use
  • Artistic installations Temporary art displays Artistic installations Temporary art displays
  • Photography Photography
  • Light infrastructure events Light infrastructure events
  • Markets Markets
  • Public entertainment e.g. music Public entertainment e.g. music
  • Product sampling Public product displays Product sampling Public product displays
  • Commercial promotions Promotional activity Commercial promotions Promotional activity
  • Activations Activations
  • Live sites Live sites
  • Performances Performances
  • Events Events
  • Functions, Launches Functions, Launches
  • Filming Filming
  • Food trucks Food trucks
  • Exhibitions
  • Launches
  • Gala dinners
  • Corporate functions
  • Fashion shows
  • Markets
  • Filming and photography

Noise restrictions and impact on local communities and residents. 

Please contact Placemaking NSW directly to discuss.

  • Surface


  • Toilets

    Located inside The Cutaway

  • Pedestrian access
    Pedestrian access

    From Barangaroo Reserve and Wynyard Station through Barangaroo.

  • Vehicle access
    Vehicle access

    Limited loading zones available. Please discuss your needs.

  • Parking


  • Power


  • Water


Please contact Placemaking NSW directly to discuss.