WNOW Chapter

A unique blend of physical activity, open discussion, and male connection in open green spaces

Looking for support and connection with other men? WNOW Chapter is a free weekly group meeting at Barangaroo for open discussion and camaraderie.


Here's what to expect:

  • Weekly sessions: Every Thursday, 12:15 pm (rain or shine) at Stargazers Lawn
  • Quick workout: Get your body moving with a light workout (not a fitness class)
  • Group push-ups: Complete 60 push-ups together, symbolizing the 60 men lost to suicide every 60 minutes globally
  • Circle of trust: Share confidentially in a safe space and 'lighten the load'
  • Swim: Enjoy a refreshing dip in Marrinawi Cove after the session

About WNOW

WNOW is about creating a community where men are proud to be men; comfortable to take their 'armour' off and be their authentic selves, feeling supported and safe in a community of like-minded men. 

A community where men explore in a fun way what it means to be a better man, tackling challenges together and focusing on improving their mental, physical, and emotional health to be the best role model they can be for themselves and all those around them. 

The first WNOW Chapter was established three years ago by AFL Tadgh Kennelly and friend David Eccles who are now Executive Directors.

Find out more about WNOW and watch the recent Compass feature on ABC.
WNOW Chapter
12.15pm, every Thursday 

Near Towns Place Entrance, Barangaroo Reserve

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Map, showing WNOW Chapter