17 Jul 2023

Barangaroo certified carbon neutral fourth year in a row

Barangaroo’s carbon neutral future: a world-class example of sustainability

Barangaroo has been awarded carbon neutral certification for the fourth year in a row. This certification was awarded by the Commonwealth Government through their unique Climate Active program that enables businesses, government and the community to reduce carbon emissions.

Barangaroo’s carbon neutral status is a result of collaborative effort between the NSW Government, Lendlease, Crown Sydney, and other stakeholders. Crown Sydney, which includes all restaurants, hotel and residential apartments, and the casino, have achieved carbon neutrality for the first time.

Barangaroo’s ongoing commitment to sustainability includes climate action projects that are providing economic, social and environmental benefits to communities, as well as reducing emissions. Some recent initiatives include:

  • Maggot farm: Food scraps from restaurants, commercial buildings and apartments are separated and fed to black soldier larvae in the basement of Barangaroo South. The farm is currently processing over 10 tonnes of food waste per month, turning it into animal feed and fertiliser while also preventing over 20 tonnes of CO2-e from food waste per month that would otherwise go to landfill. 
  • Outdoor heating: In 2022, the majority of gas outdoor heating of residential buildings was transitioned to electric to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels. The electricity used for the outdoor heating is 100% renewable. 
  • Crown Sydney has electric vehicle charging stations for 26 vehicles.

From a social and community wellbeing perspective, Barangaroo remains committed to more than 50% of the precinct being dedicated public open space.

These projects build on the remarkable initiatives already accomplished and prioritise substantial climate benefits while also delivering additional outcomes that preserve habitat, protect biodiversity, create employment opportunities, and reinvigorate social and cultural traditions.

Barangaroo’s Carbon Neutral certification reinforces Barangaroo’s status as a world-class example of sustainability and climate positive design, setting a new standard in urban renewal.


Climate Active is Australia’s collective initiative for climate action. Climate Active is a partnership between the Australian Government and Australian businesses and organisations to drive voluntary climate action. Climate Active certification is awarded to businesses and organisations that have achieved a state of carbon neutrality.

Carbon neutral means taking action to reduce and remove as much carbon from the atmosphere as we put into it. We have reduced our carbon emissions as much as possible and then invested in eligible Australian projects that reduce or remove emissions from the atmosphere. Overall, our emissions are zero. We are proud to say that our precinct was Australia’s first climate neutral precinct, certified by Climate Active. We have made choices and changes in the way we do business to ensure our carbon emissions are equal to zero.

Carbon offsetting is a way for organisations to cancel out carbon emissions they are not able to eliminate, by investing in projects that reduce or remove emissions. We invest in local projects that reduce or remove carbon from the atmosphere to offset the emissions that we cannot eliminate. Many of these projects also have additional environmental and social benefits.