Modification 9

As the Central Barangaroo Developer, Aqualand have developed a concept plan which requires changes to the approved Barangaroo Concept Plan.

Known as Modification 9, this planning application seeks approval to amend the approved development blocks, uses and building heights in Central Barangaroo. Subsequent planning processes will be required for the detailed design and operation of buildings and public spaces.

In summary, the amendments being sought are:

  • Increasing the Gross Floor Area (GFA) for Central Barangaroo
  • Modifying the approved building envelopes
  • Modifying the street network and block boundaries
  • Allocating GFA to the Cutaway within Barangaroo Reserve.

The proposed amendment and other supporting documents can be viewed on the Department of Planning and Environment’s Major Projects Register.

Public exhibition of Modification 9 to this Concept Plan closed in August 2022 and Infrastructure NSW is preparing a Response to Submissions Report.