Modification 9

The Central Barangaroo Developer, Aqualand has developed a scheme for Central Barangaroo which requires changes to the approved Barangaroo Concept Plan.

Known as Modification 9, this planning application seeks approval to amend the approved Concept Plan including the permissible Gross Floor Area, land use mix and building heights in Central Barangaroo. Subsequent Development Applications will be required for the detailed design and operation of buildings and public spaces. 

Following the Public Exhibition of the Modification 9 development application in 2022, the proposal has been revised and a Response to Submissions (RTS) report has been developed by Aqualand, which responds to community and stakeholder submissions. 

Reflecting feedback received during the exhibition period, key changes to the revised proposal include: 

  • Reducing the overall scale of the development including reduced Gross Floor Area (GFA) and lower building heights, including the removal of the residential tower at the north west corner.  
  • Reconfigured streets and lanes, public domain and open space that better relates to the future Harbour Park, adjacent to the development. 
  • Reduced retail and commercial space and more residential floor space. 
  • Modifying the approved building envelopes. 
  • Consequential amendments to statutory development controls.  

Public exhibition of the RTS has now closed. Information regarding the revised proposal, can still be viewed on the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure’s website.