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100 Barangaroo Ave, Barangaroo NSW 2000

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Opening Hours

Lunch: 12pm - 3pm, Dinner: 5pm - 10.30pm
Tuesday - Sunday

Map, showing Astro

Embark on a flavourful journey through Japanese nostalgia with Astro, where laidback vibes, groovy 80s tunes, and mouthwatering Asian BBQ delights await.

Experience Japanese cuisine with a laidback vibe and a soundtrack straight from the groovy 80s at David Bae's newest venture. Paying homage to his childhood memories, the modern Asian BBQ joint draws inspiration from the vibrant food and drink scenes of Seoul and Tokyo, as well as nostalgic elements like retro decor and neon signs reminiscent of classic anime Astro Boy.

This relaxed eatery, a larger endeavour following the success of the intimate omakase spot Matkim, seamlessly blends the atmosphere of izakayas with the communal spirit of barbecue dining. With a playlist of Japanese 'city pop' hits setting the mood, Astro serves up casual lunch and dinner fare overseen by Executive Chef Jacob Lee from Matkim.

Drop by for a leisurely lunch and delve into comforting donburi bowls accompanied by soy broth and onsen tamago. Favourites from the extensive menu include BBQ beef tongue, miso salmon, gochujang pork, wagyu brisket, and eel.

Come evening, indulge in a variety of small izakaya-style plates ranging from yakiniku and rice dishes to ora king salmon with yuja wasabi, grilled mochi, and a decadent truffle bulgogi sandwich.

Save room for dessert, with options like jeju mandarin and plum sorbet with basil granita, or charcoal ice cream paired with boozy chestnut makgeolli cream and truffle ice cream.

Quench your thirst with house cocktails featuring ingredients like shisho and lychee green tea, or explore a selection of sake, spirits, and mocktails. Whether you're in the mood for a relaxed lunch or a vibrant dinner, Astro promises a flavourful journey through Japanese cuisine with a nostalgic twist.