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Batch Coffee

Shop 2/23 Barangaroo Ave, Barangaroo

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Opening Hours

6.30am - 4pm Mon - Fri
7am - 3pm Sat
Closed Sun

Map, showing Batch Coffee

Batch Coffee has everything you need to make your morning. Strong, barista-made coffee, freshly handmade pastries and delicious grab-and-go snacks.

Batch Coffee serves the coffee that fuels Sydney city, with delicious handmade pastries and snacks to-go.

Batch have several bustling coffee shops all over Sydney and while they’re all different, they all serve the perfect cup of coffee. The Barangaroo cafe is a gorgeously designed hole in the wall slinging buttery pastries, sandwiches, sweet treats and brekkies to-go with your cuppa. 

Batch belongs to the city

If you’re hustling to work in the morning Batch Coffee will brew you up a coffee however you like it, with a range of alt-milks or alternative beverages. In a rush? Batch is built to serve good coffee and food fast. 
Freshly baked goodies

Coffee is the main event but the baked goods are worth visiting for too. There’s golden croissants, freshly baked, fluffy muffins, banana breads, slices and satiating protein balls. 

If you need something more substantial go for a smoked salmon sandwich, a mac and cheese toastie brimming with mozzarella, or a hearty reuben sandwich. 

In a hurry? Order online here and they’ll have it ready for pickup as soon as you arrive.