Costi's Fish & Chips
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Costi's Fish & Chips

The Canteen, 200 Barangaroo Ave, Barangaroo NSW 2000

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10am - 3pm, Mon to Fri  

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At Costi’s fish and chips in Barangaroo you’ll enjoy fresh seafood caught and cooked daily - from grilled fish to poke bowls

Taste Sydney’s freshest seafood, from tide to plate daily at Costi’s Fish and Chips in Barangaroo.

Costi’s is not your average Sydney fish and chip shop. This Baranagroo restaurant offers both takeaway and dine-in, with an extensive menu of fresh, healthy seafood dishes, perfect for a quick work lunch or a weekend treat.

From battered fish and chips, to poke bowls and grilled salmon - everything is caught fresh on the day it’s prepared. It’s just better that way!

Barangaroo fresh seafood restaurant

Costi’s serve restaurant quality grilled, battered and raw fish at takeaway prices. That includes all your favourites, from salmon and snapper, to tuna and swordfish, prepared however you’d like to eat it.

The menu features seafood from the grill like Tasmanian salmon with dill sauce, Greek-style octopus with a lemony marinade and prawn skewers with a Thai-style sauce. There’s also classic battered fish and chips, like NZ hoki, crumbed calamari and prawn cutlets.

Last (and healthiest) of all, the menu also features a range of poke bowls, from spicy sashimi yellowfin tuna to seared teriyaki salmon with seaweed salad.

Visit the Canteen for Sydney’s best fish and chips

You’ll find Costi’s in Barangaroo’s Canteen, serving their fish fresh from their slick takeaway counter.

Keen to try Sydney’s best fish and chips? No bookings are necessary, grab your seafood and enjoy it fresh on the Barangaroo waterfront!