Barangaroo Pharmacy

Barangaroo Pharmacy

International Tower 3
Shop 3/300 Barangaroo Ave

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Opening Hours

9am-5pm, Mon - Fri

Closed weekends and public holidays

Map, showing Barangaroo Pharmacy

Barangaroo Pharmacy is just minutes from the centre of town stocking a comprehensive range of health and wellness products, from medicines to vitamins.

For beauty products, vitamins, medicines and more come to Barangaroo Pharmacy, in the heart of Barangaroo

Barangaroo Pharmacy doesn’t just fill prescriptions. They stock everything you could ever need from your local pharmacy, including medicine, vitamins, beauty products, baby products, first aid, natural remedies and much more.

Their in-house experts also offer a number of health services, including naturopathy and nutrition consultations, NDSS, passport photos, herbal compounding and blood pressure monitoring.

Your all-in-one Barangaroo pharmacy

This isn’t your average pharmacy. Barangaroo pharmacy takes a holistic approach to customer care, spanning from mainstream medicine, to nutrition and naturopathy.

Their experienced team includes both a pharmacist and a naturopath, with extensive expertise in pharmacy, women’s health, mental health and digestive health.

Natural, holistic healthcare

Barangaroo Pharmacy's nutritionist service includes a full review of your body’s functions and systems, followed by a review of your dietary habits and a number of recommendations and resources. It’s great for improving your general health and supporting your wellbeing, weight loss and digestive health.

Naturopathy consults, aim to treat ailments with the least intervention possible, identifying natural and gentle therapies to help reach your specific health goals.

Simply book online to secure your appointment and start supporting your health today.