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Swim at Marrinawi Cove

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Explore the newest swimming spot in Sydney!

Marrinawi Cove is beautiful and sheltered spot located at the northern end of Barangaroo Reserve and is 700 square metres. Native flora and sculpted sandstone line the Cove.

In January 2023, the NSW Government opened a swimming enclosure at Marrinawi Cove, located at the northern end of Barangaroo Reserve, as a way to revive swimming in Sydney’s famous harbour waters. The enclosure has safety netting to enclose the swimming area, railing, signage and a shower. 

Please be aware that this is a natural environment with slippery and uneven surfaces, oysters, algae and other marine life present. Swimmers are encouraged to take care at all times, follow safety signage and use suitable footwear.

Frequently asked questions

What amenities are available?

Near the Cove at the Towns Place entrance is the Former Sewerage Pump House, a small brown building which has toilet facilities and shower.

How will the water quality be monitored?

Ahead of opening the enclosure we completed periodic water quality testing to ensure this is a safe place for the community to swim. Ongoing monitoring of water quality will remain in place. The NSW Government is investigating appropriate systems for the longer-term monitoring of water quality in the future.

Will the area be patrolled?

Similar to other small swimming locations on the harbour, the Marrinawi Cove area will not be staffed by swimming lifeguards or an equivalent level of monitoring.

Visitors swimming in this space will do so at their own risk.

The wider area will be monitored as an extension of the existing monitoring systems at Barangaroo to provide a level of management and response by the Rangers team in the event of an incident.

What type of safety is in place against sharks and predators?

A shark net is an integral part of the design for this location given the proximity of the location to the deep waters of Sydney Harbour. The shark net is anchored to the floor of the Cove and fully encloses the swimming area.

How will oyster growth be managed?

The Cove will be periodically cleaned (scheduled) to minimise the growth of oysters, algae and other marine life. Please note the following dates Marrinawi Cove will be closed for cleaning. Dates will have a contingency of the day before and the day after in most cases, weather pending.

  • Wednesday 20 December 2023

  • Thursday 18 January 2024

  • Thursday 8 February 2024

  • Monday 26 February 2024

  • Monday 18 March 2024

  • Tuesday 16 April 2024

  • Monday 6 May 2024

  • Tuesday 5 June 2024

Are dogs permitted to swim there?

Yes, but when walking in Barangaroo, dogs need to be on a leash at all times.

Can we fish there?

No, fishing is prohibited at Barangaroo.